Now Introducing…

Hello there and welcome to The Table Stacks. You may be asking yourself, “what’s with the name?” Is it a stack of tables? Sadly, if you are a table aficionado you will be disappointed with your arrival here.

The table stacks are a reference to the backlog of video games, movies, and books that I have accumulated and not yet gotten around to. I think most adults with hobbies have something similar, though it may not be easily stacked on a table until you get around to it. You hit a point in life where your income is finally more than your bills and you can buy all the games you’ve had your eye on. You can grab those books you’ve been meaning to get. The catch, however, is you’re an adult and you must go out and do things that aren’t playing the games you bought, or reading, or binging that anime box set you just grabbed. A responsible person would probably stop buying stuff until they caught up. That’s one option anyways. Another option is to stack it up and get around to it as you can…and of course start a blog about it.

Being that I’m in a backlog, I’ll rarely be talking about the game that came out last week, or last month. No dear reader, much like my choice of a blog as my delivery method, I’ll likely be several years behind the herd on what I’ll be discussing. To give you an idea, Red Dead Redemption was released back in the grand old days of 2010. I finished playing it for the first time about a week ago. That’s more of an extreme case than most of the games in my backlog, and there are other factors to consider why I put it off for so long, but you get the idea. There are games older and newer than Red Dead in the stacks. There are books and comic series that I’m way behind on. Some are series I’m in the middle of, like several of the New 52 DC comic runs, others are series that I’ve not even begun, like Preacher.

Several years ago some friends and I had a somewhat similar site. We wanted to make a review site for all the media we love without the bias that is in a lot of reviews you find online these days (still). We had a good idea and a good run, but ultimately it turned out to be a lot of work for people that were all already full-time employees. It’s possible that they may throw in a guest post here occasionally, but this is going to be a much more laid back approach than what we did before. While I may offer a sort of review for whatever I’m in to at the time, it may not be quite as detailed and the site won’t be review focused.

That’s The Table Stacks. Feel free to come along for a fresh look at old stuff.


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