Berserk on the Horizon

berserkIt’s exceedingly rare for me to pre-order games with the pile of unplayed games sitting beside me at any given time. Sometimes you want to do your part to make a game appear successful and Berserk was a game I wanted to give my full financial support to. I have a very long standing love/hate relationship with the property. When I was first actively engaged in finding new anime to watch, I saw what looked like a straight-forward fantasy anime. Most of what I had seen about it didn’t really prepare me for that first episode. There was this guy with a sword that would shame even Cloud Strife just being super-pissed and crushing men, demons, pretty much anything else that got in his way for one episode. Then the entire rest of the series is a flash back to show you why he is so angry. It is NOT because someone ate the last fruit cup. But then it just ends. For the longest time (though there is a new series now) you didn’t see any more of the black swordsman and his quest for vengeance. The level of blue balls can best be described as imagine if Kill Bill had ended after the wedding flashback. You need to see The Bride kill Bill. She deserves it. I’m still waiting to see Guts get his.

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On Warriors and Dark Gods

lotroyps3It’s been a productive week on The Table Stacks. There was a lot of PS3 love starting with Warriors: Legends of Troy. With Berserk Warriors coming out in February, I felt like dusting this one off would be a good appetizer. Legends of Troy had been on my radar for a long time, but I hadn’t actually purchased until last year. This was partly because I was looking for the 360 version that was never actually released in North America. I’m a huge fan of what Koei Tecmo does, but to be honest there are only so many times you can put down the Yellow Turban Rebellion and run in fear of Lu Bu.

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