Putting Game Fatigue in the Killzone

With Mass Effect out of the way I’ve been trying to find smaller games in the backlog to play. I’m not sure if other gamers feel the same way, but after spending a prolonged amount of time on a single game the last thing I want is to jump in to another. I played Mass Effect exclusively for over a month, so now I feel the need to play catchup on the backlog. There are other games on the stack that I really want to play, but I know once I start I’ll be in their world for a month or more. Witcher 3 (Witcher 1 and 2 also), Skyrim, and Dragon Age Inquisition are some of the top contenders on the pile calling me, but I just don’t have the fortitude right now. Thankfully, or perhaps unfortunately, there are many other games to choose from. So, what have I been playing this month?

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